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Really? Why? And thank you :]
The name will take me far some day :P
Yeah, on it daily :]:
http://www.myspace.com/sa vingzoe_thestars
If you don't see this for a name: Zoeh:]
Then, I missed the link up.

Posted by Radio-Face on Mar 1, 09 7:59 pm

oic. i think the name zoe suits you! :DD do you have a myspace?

Posted by omgitzkimberly on Feb 28, 09 11:39 pm

Thank you.
was natural--not anymore though :]
I did have red streaks when I was a baby, but the blonde was too strong >.< so I dye my hair red now :]

Posted by Radio-Face on Feb 24, 09 7:17 pm

hey! i like the color of your hair, natural or no?(:

Posted by omgitzkimberly on Feb 24, 09 12:21 am

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